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Below are some of the questions Oberlin Center for the Arts receives most frequently. We'd gladly answer anything you send our way...within reason.

Do you only serve Oberlin?

Oberlin Center for the Arts is a regional organization located in Lorain County, serving students as close as Oberlin and as far away as Sandusky. As we continue to grow, we hope that we will be able to expand our reach in order to help communities experience the power of the arts.

Oh, you're that new group that runs the organizations in the New Union Center for the Arts Building?

No we are not. Oberlin Center for the Arts is located in the same building as five standalone non-profit arts organizations and while we collaborate very closely with them, we do not have any say in their governance or programming.

Where are you located?

Oberlin Center for the Arts administrative offices are located in the New Union Center for the Arts at 39 South Main Street in Oberlin, Ohio. You can find us on the second floor, just outside of the elevator.

What is your mailing address?

Oberlin Center for the Arts | 39 South Main Street, Suite 315 | Oberlin, Ohio 44074

How can we reach you by phone?

Call us at 440-574-0542.

Are you part of Oberlin College and Conservatory?

While we have board members representing Oberlin College and Conservatory, and we work with the college to implement collaborative programming such as private readings, internships, and other arts experiences, we are not a branch of Oberlin College and Conservatory.

Is that the "FAVA Building"?

The Firelands Association for the Visual Arts has been a resident of the New Union Center for the Arts since 1997, and for that time has occupied the most real estate in the building. This being the case, it has become commonly known amongst locals as the FAVA building, however; the building was given the title of New Union Center for the Arts by the Nord Family Foundation who funded the renovation of the building, based on it's former function as the Union School from 1874 - 1923.

Who funds you?

Oberlin Center for the Arts was formed by a three-year seed grant from the Nord Family Foundation and receives funding from a number of other public and private sources. You can see our Sponsor's Page to learn more.

Do you fund other organizations?

While we are responsible for helping identify and secure resources for our work in collaboration with other arts and non-arts organizations, we are not a grant-making institution.

Do you have programs that I can take part in?

Oberlin Center for the Arts does not currently offer any direct programming. All programs that we manage are achieved in collaboration with partners (school districts, higher education institutions, arts organizations, etc.) and, as such, applications for these programs tend to be available through those partners.

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