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Firelands Archaeology is a group made up of professional and avocational archaeologists interested in north-central Ohio archaeology. Our mission includes: documenting and conserving archaeological sites and material within the State of Ohio, especially within the region bordering Lake Erie; conducting field, laboratory, statistical, and literature review activities; encouraging an understanding and cooperation between members of the organization and individuals who own property upon which archaeological sites may occur; fostering a better understanding of the scientific interests and promoting cooperation among and between professional and avocational archaeologists, students interested in anthropology, and collectors of archaeological material; developing productive relationships with museums, educational institutions, relevant government agencies, and private organizations engaged in archaeological research; disseminating knowledge on the subject of archaeology; and engendering an appreciation in the general public of the importance of archaeology in understanding the human history of the Lake Erie region.

Firelands Archaeological Research Center

767 Milan Avenue
Amherst, OH 44001


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