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Supporting artists of all ages and the educators that inspire them. Learn more about the innovate work of Oberlin Center for the Arts. 


Performing Artists in Residence

Beginning in April 2019, Oberlin Center for the Arts launched the Performing Artists in Residence, or “PAIR” Program, partnering with students from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Mercy Allen Hospital and Welcome Nursing Home.

Learn more about our work connecting arts and health


Concert Series

In October 2019, Oberlin Center for the Arts initiated a Concert Series to help connect select audiences, especially those that traditionally do not have access to these experiences due to economic, educational, physical or societal barriers with socially-conscious artists. Working in partnership with the Lorain County Metro Parks and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, institutions that share this vision, it is our hope that this project facilitates interaction and inspiration amongst audiences of all ages, ultimately proving the power of artist experiences throughout our region.


Girls Electronic Arts Retreat

Oberlin Center for the Arts works in partnership with the TIMARA department at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music to present the Girls Electronic Arts Retreat, or “GEAR”, a five-day summer camp.  First held in June 2019, the program gives girls and non-binary Oberlin City School students in grades 3-5 a head-start in learning about interactive electronics, circuit building, and basic technical and creative audio-visual concepts. The program is a wonderful opportunity to introduce girls--in a fun and supportive environment--to the value of STEAM and early exposure to strong women role models working in sound, technology, and the arts.

Learn about GEAR here.

Arts Education

Often times, those students who stand to benefit the most from the arts, receive the least. Whatsmore, schools with a higher concentration of students in poverty are less likely to offer arts education, provide limited programming, and oftentimes lack a unified arts curriculum.

Oberlin Center for the Arts is dedicated to increasing access to arts education through in-school and out of school time programming throughout the region. Students who participate in these programs build on multiple intelligences by exploring active listening, group collaboration and personal expression while developing their fine motor and analytical skills. They also grow to become better human beings, better neighbors, and better builders of community.

Learn about our arts education work in the following school districts:

Elyria City Schools Prospect Arts Academy

Lorain City Schools Arts Academy

Oberlin City Schools Eastwood Arts Residency

Sandusky City School Junior Arts Academy

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Professional Development

There are too few professional development opportunities for arts educators; with offerings that are cost prohibitive, require distant travel, and generally do not meet the needs of teachers. Similarly, arts organizations have traditionally lacked a centralized coordinating organization that helps define and grow the arts and culture sector. Oberlin Center for the Arts  offers innovative programming that builds partnerships, helps to create environments that are experimental and inspirational and seeks to strategically grow the impact of the arts in our region.

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